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DiscoFlip is still under construction. If you use the platform at this stage you are using it in the capacity of an independent tester.

Important: All content might be lost in case we reset the database during this early development stage.

Some guidelines (will evolve in the following weeks):

  1. If you are the moderator of a channel, you are responsible for all the content in that channel.
  2. Moderators are expected to actively moderate content. If you there is no activity by the moderator for 7 days they will be removed as the moderator and another user can claim the moderator role.
  3. We don’t have a fully defined content policy yet. Generally no hateful, rude or illegal content. No NSFW content yet (not because we want to restrict it, but we don’t have enough capacity yet to monitor all the content).
  4. Be kind. Have fun.


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